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Scotty the Snail

A Grandparents Book

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     Perfect for children ages 2-7

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Scotty the Snail                                                                                   
Copyright © 2004-2005 Erie Chapman
October Press
Nashville, Tennessee
112 Dunham Springs Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
By Erie Chapman
Illustrations by Patti Sharpe
How a little snail learns why it can
be good to be slow

Sample From Text:

Scotty was a very small snail — the smallest
in his family. He felt small next to his older sister
Sally. He felt even smaller next to his mom.
He felt smallest of all when in the family photo
next to his big, happy dad.
One day Scotty was out crawling along the
sidewalk, looking up at the tall blades of bright
green grass that were taller than he was. A gray and
white rabbit came racing by. When he saw Scotty,
he screeched to a stop and smiled.

“Hey snail,” the rabbit said. “How come you are
sooooooo slow?”
“I don’t know, rabbit” said Scotty, feeling little
hurt. “By the way, rabbit, my name is Scotty.”
“Hi, Scotty, my name is Robert Rabbit. You
know, Scotty, you are so slow I couldn’t even tell
you were moving. Then I saw that silver trail you
left behind you. How do you do that?”....







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