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About the NLR

The National Literary Review is an invitational journal that showcases work by some of the finest writers, photographers and artists in the country. Occasional newcomers are featured as well. An advisory board recommends work for inclusion in each edition.

We welcome your thoughts. If you have comments on the work you find here, contact us. Please note that since all work appears via invitation unsolicited material will not receive a response.  Founding Editor: Erie Chapman, Nashville, Tennessee Webmaster & Reviewer: Rolin Mains,President - Nashville Composer's Association


Staff Bios: 

Erie Chapman's poetry has been published in journals including The Aurora Review, Eclectica & Millers Pond. He has composed all of the music for three CDs. He is the author of three works of non-fiction, an unpublished novel, Ghost River, a collection of short stories: Middle Aged White Man, and a soon to be produced play: Who Loves Judas. He has also authored a children's book, Scotty the Snail (Grandparents Press, 2005).

Lauren Rooker is a graduate of the University of Virginia and received her MFA from New York University. She is currently working parttime facilitating arts expression with Magdalene House, Nashville, TN. Her first manuscript, Virginia Clay, awaits publication.

Rollie Mains is a full time musician and president of the Nashville Composer's Association.

Brenda Kerr works for Middle Tennesse State University